Memory Pendants

During my studies I focused on vessels used for a sacred purpose. My work is heavily influenced by this research. Japanese Inro were used to carry medicinal herbs. Indian amuletic container pendants carried prayers. Egyptian cartouche and amulets bridged the human world and the divine.

The theme of sacred vessels inspired me to create functional pendants that held this spiritual ethos in contemporary jewellery pieces. My vessel pendants are in essence, ‘Memory Keepers’. They allow treasured memories to be stored and worn close to the heart, creating connection and comfort. Their function is integral to their beauty.

They are stories waiting to be told. Items of sentiment, tokens of romance and memories of significant places create a story that can be handed down through the generations as a keepsake. I sell many pendants to carry the ashes of loved ones who have departed. It is an honour to provide comfort to someone at a time of great sadness.

A selection of Memory Keeper pendants are on display at each of the galleries listed on the outlets page. Please contact me for availability. Commissions welcome. Pendants range from 20 – 40mm in height. Prices from £245 – £375.